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January 30 2020
January 23 2020
January 23 2020
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January 09 2020
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December 16 2019

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BAC Mono Haydale advances as graphene sector slowly finds its feet

Haydale is building up commercial sales as the number of applications using the material increase

on 28/11/19
Deep dive

Woodbois expects growth to accelerate as new kit comes on line

Take a closer look at forestry and timber trading group Woodbois

on 26/11/19

Agronomics targets the 'new reality' of meat without animals

"Agronomics is the best play to back the trend of cellular-based agriculture and clean meats."

on 4/11/19
Deep dive

Itaconix eyes 'many years of revenue growth'

Here we take a closer look at AIM-listed polymers group Itaconix

on 24/10/19


Video market report

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